Motivational Journalism

Privacy Policy

Since I want to cover all of my bases, I have decided to create a complementary privacy policy that corresponds with my thoughts and plans for the blog. I encourage you to take a few minutes and see what I came up with for the time being. I might add or remove certain things from the following points as we go along, so I also urge you to check back regularly.

Personal information

All the information you will need to participate in the site revolves around personalized usernames and accounts. You will never be asked to submit any information in regards to your real identity. You will, however, have to submit information on your active email address for future updates and contact purposes. Neither I nor anyone else will ever attempt to extract identity information out of you on this site.

Non-personal information

I have made it a habit to check Wordpress stats for tracking purposes. I will continue to monitor those stats in the future in order to better understand where you guys are coming from. This will allow me to create a content plan that is suitable and relevant towards whatever demographic we create as readers and writers.

Security concerns and cookies

I pay extra attention to the security of information handed to me. However, as you will never be asked for personal ID info, your login and account info will be safe and sound on my personal drive. This coincides with the use of cookies on the site which can make your browsing experience faster and more comfortable. While you are not forced to use them, they can make life on the web easier, but you can always opt out of using them and will not be penalized for doing so.

My affiliations and partnerships

Since I’m a journalist myself, I tend to have partners and affiliates in the business who will undoubtedly be interested in participating on my blog. This doesn’t mean that you will be bombarded by unnecessary information, advertisement or spam email, however – I will do my best to limit their contact with you to a reader-writer relation.

Future updates and changes

Dipping my toes into blogging means that I’m also learning as I go along. The privacy policy you see now will never be drastically changed or made so that you feel cheated into accepting terms you don’t agree with. I do think you should drop by every once in a while and glance through the points I made just to be safe.

Policy acceptance

Readers that agree with my policy points should do their best to enjoy the content they see and participate in the discussions. If you don’t, you can contact me via a private message with any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you are content with the stuff you find here!