Motivational Journalism


Here are some frequently asked questions that I hope will shed some light on who I am and why I’m blogging as a journalist:

Who am I?

My name is Wendy, and I’m 25 years old. I come from a small New York State town (which you probably won’t recognize) and I have set my goals early on. I have decided to become a journalist in junior high, when I read some interesting articles in a local magazine. These have inspired me to attend college in New York City and try my luck as a professional writer.

Why journalism of all things?

I’ve always admired people who are journalist. Writing about certain topics, moments in time or reporting on fortunate or unfortunate events makes you a part of history. You are essentially responsible for the records of a certain thing happening – your name stays with it forever. This combined with the above-mentioned local magazine reading has nudged me into the journalistic waters early on.

What type of journalism do I do?

I’m often asked to write first-hand reports, conduct interviews and be at the scene of an event whenever it occurs in real-time. My editors and contractors often want exclusive content that can get those views or purchases, which means that my hours are both flexible and stressful at the same time. While I do dabble in occasional opinion pieces and generalized reports, my passion stays within reported journalism and hands-on writing.

Why blog with such a hectic schedule?

My schedule isn’t as bad as it may seem at first. I have contacts in different branches (medicine, publishing, law, etc.) that give me frequent updates and exclusive stories whenever they happen. This allows me to focus my efforts on other activities and hobbies while being on standby for the journalism work to kick in. Blogging is one of the many activities I’ve always wanted to try my hand at, so this is the perfect opportunity to start working on it.

Do I plan on blogging for a while?

Of course I do! Blogging is a very interesting niche to explore and you can always add something new and exciting that no one has ever done before. I intend to write for as long as my schedule allows it, aka until I land a full-time job or have no time to write for a few hours each week.